Daily life in London!

Today I’m a little sad. I had to switch to a different English group with a higher level, so tomorrow I’m not going back to the best class ever. Too bad!


Anyway. I think I’ve reached something that can be called daily life here in London. Let’s collect daily life points;


1. All of a sudden it’s hard to get up of bed in the morning. Before this week we used to get up a few of hours before we even had to, getting ready to do as much things on as little time as possible. 2 p.

2. We’re sighing because of the public transports. The busses aren’t going as often as they should (once every third minute isn’t often enough), there’s always to crowded at the tube (really, do EVERYONE have to go at the same time?!) and delays aren’t okay under any circumstances. 2 p.

3. The feet are finding the way to the right tube line by themselves. 3 p.

4. I’m craving for coffee. All the time. 1 p.

5. We’re “making errands” (like visiting the pharmacy) on the way back from school. 3 p.

6. We’re not going shopping every day. 1 p.

7. People keep asking for directions. 1 p (not really daily life-point worthy, but it means that we actually are melting in pretty good in London).

= 13 points!


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